Imagine: TEDx West Vancouver 2017 (III)

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Our mini-series of inspiring TEDx West Vancouver talks continues! The three in this post all fit within a broad theme I am calling “Beyond Barriers, Boundaries, Beliefs”. Enjoy!

Amy Burvall: Lessons From The Artists

Synopsis: While everyone is both a work of art and an artist, not everyone thinks like one. What can the ways in which famous artists lived their lives, as well as their creative processes, teach us? The talk is framed around three major themes: “Be Porous”, “Push Past”, and “Play”. Through eye-catching, hand-drawn graphics and anecdotes Amy Burvall shares poignant yet unfamiliar takeaways from the likes of DaVinci, Michelangelo, the Impressionists, Duchamp, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Kahlo and Warhol.


Tashi Kirincic: When I Met Mayella…

Synopsis: Sometimes a person comes into your life and changes everything. In March 2016, I met Mayella and she has been shaking up my life ever since. This is a personal story about embracing a growth mindset by embracing my fixed mindset.


Elizabeth & Chris Kennedy: Breaking The Gender Divide In Youth Sports

Elizabeth and Chris Kennedy explore our obsession with organizing youth sports by gender. Despite concerns from many adults, Elizabeth has played on numerous “boys” teams growing up and been well received by her teammates. Elizabeth and Chris argue it is time for the parents to learn from their children, and modernize their thinking about youth sports and gender.

Click here for my own TEDx talk–I’m a perfinker, and so are you!

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One thought on “Imagine: TEDx West Vancouver 2017 (III)

  1. I just want to cry after watching Tashi’s talk. This was so amazing and liberating. I never had to read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school (the teacher changed the novels that year we were supposed to read it) so I don’t know Mayella from there. But the Mayella Tashi describes relating to her fixed mindset has so many characteristics similar to me that is is absurd. I am going to by Dweck’s book for myself for Christmas and spend my holidays reading it. I think I seriously need to do what Tashi did and name my fixed mindset and come to a better understanding of how it affects me, in all aspects. Thank you, Gillian, so much for sharing this Tedx Talk with us.

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