Imagine: TEDx West Vancouver 2017 (IV)

(Feature image credit:  Mauricio Chandra)

The last post in our TEDx West Vancouver mini-series contains 3 talks that exemplify that anything is possible. Optimism. Strength. Courage. Determination. Ingenuity. Enjoy!


Trevor Stokes: Running For Their Lives

Synopsis: Running has become the most important component of my teaching practice. The commitment, dedication and sacrifice needed to succeed in long distance running are exactly the same qualities my students need to make it in the world they come from.  Though not always pretty, the lessons learned from “the road” will help my students navigate what lies before them.


Paul Fast: Cities Belong To People

Synopsis: Cities Belong to People makes a case for reclaiming the forgotten, neglected parts of our for the public realm. Using examples of public space projects carried out by his firm HCMA Architecture + Design, Paul Fast describes the transformative effects that a human centered design lens can have. He tells this story through the reinvention of a downtown laneway into a thriving, safe, people focused place.


Tad Milmine: Empowerment Starts With One

Synopsis: Tad Milmine, a Police Officer with the Calgary Police Service and also the Founder of Bullying Ends Here, shares his harrowing story of growing up in a home of abuse and neglect. Tad shares his story as an example of holding onto a dream and succeeding, even when dreams feel like just that; dreams!’


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed our IMAGINE mini-series.  Part One (my talk on perfinkers), Part Two (math!), Part Three (Beyond Boundaries, Barriers, Beliefs).

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