Imaginative Art Activities for The Walking Curriculum

Author & Artist: Adelle Caunce

Playing in the Muck and Other Art Activities: Imaginative Art Activities for The Walking Curriculum is designed to go with The Walking Curriculum (Judson, 2018). It contains fun, art-based activities that correspond directly with 30 of the walking themes (e.g. The Vertical World Walk, The Growth Walk, The Lovely/Unlovely Walk etc.). The activities are easy to implement.  You can photocopy each one (or, in some cases, do paperless).

Interested? You can order it HERE on or on way to get one is through Gillian. If you happen to be seeing her at a talk, she will have copies available within the next couple of weeks. Finally, you can order a book(s) through me directly. Gillian is FORCING me to enter the world of Twitter, where at some point I will be able to do… things. Like, get your information, deal with electronic transfers and send you a book if you want to purchase one! I will have a twitter name and do things like ‘tweet’ and other such social media things that most 6 year olds have been doing for years already.  More breathless and exciting updates about me being a Luddite to come!


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