Three Cheers for The Walking Curriculum!

The Walking Curriculum has just been named one of the world’s most inspiring innovations in K12 education. 

The global education ecosystem has seen remarkable disruption in education this year. We have also seen an encouraging willingness among educators, parents, and students to embrace new ways of teaching and learning. During this pivotal moment in the history of education, internationally renowned education nonprofit HundrED has just released its fourth Global Collection at its first completely virtual online HundrED Innovation Summit. The Walking Curriculum was one of the innovations recognized in the report.

HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the most impactful innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. The goal is to inspire a movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world. To make this year’s Global Collection, a shortlist of innovations was reviewed by 150 Academy Members consisting of academics, educators, innovators, funders, and leaders from over 50 countries. In total, there were 3404 reviews by the Academy based on their impact and scalability that were then evaluated by HundrED’s Research Team to make the final selection.

The Walking Curriculum (official website) was chosen due to its unique approach and its potential to create a sustainable impact in education. The Walking Curriculum is readily useable for teachers K12. The activities can be easily adapted and used in all contexts—limited additional time and/or resources are required. It reflects principles and practices of Imaginative Ecological Education as it offers walking activities that engage student imagination and cultivate emotional connection with place. The Walking Curriculum offers practical strategies and examples, but, more profoundly, it encourages teachers to have a new outlook on their teaching. It is empowering teachers to #getoutside (physically outside and, figuratively, “outside” by rethinking how they engage their students). It invites teachers to grow beyond the book within an online community of K12 imaginative ecological educators.

Congratulations to The Walking Curriculum and Dr. Gillian Judson on this amazing achievement!

Interested in Reading More?

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What is HundrED?

A Finland-based nonprofit, HundrED discovers, researches, and shares inspiring innovations in K12 education. Their goal is to help improve education and foster a movement through encouraging impactful and scalable innovations to spread, mindful of context, across the world. HundrED Spotlights create unique opportunities for both educational professionals and independent organizers of the Spotlight to gain a thorough insight into the education innovations taking place in either a specific area of education, like literacy or sustainability or within a certain geographic location, for example, India or London. For each Spotlight, we select the brightest education innovations, which then undergo a thorough study by our Research Team and an expert Advisory Board. HundrED Spotlights are organized with partner organizations, who help from their area of expertise.

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