Tips For Imaginative Educators

The Tools of Imagination Series

This series of “teacher tips” is designed to introduce you to the practice of Imaginative Education.  It is for all educators.  No matter the age of your students or your subject matter, the imagination plays a central role in all human learning and intellectual development.  Each of the tips below introduces a cognitive tool–or learning tool.  These tools will allow you to routinely engage your students and maximize their learning. When you ignite imagination and engage emotion, knowledge becomes meaningful.  Scroll down to the bottom for the LATEST post!

Tools of Imagination Series Tips for Imaginative Teachers

#1 Find The Story In The Topic

#2 Find A Source of Dramatic Tension

#3 Evoke Mental Images With Words

#4 Metaphors Matter

 #5 Laugh As You Learn

#6 Engage The Body

#7 Identify The Unknown

#8 Seek Heroic Qualities

#9 Let Them Obsess

#10 Humanize

#11 Engage Their Inner Rebel

#12 Stimulate Wonder

#13 Play With Visual Formats

#14 Illuminate Extremes & Limits

#15 Change The Context

#16 Take Them Out Of This World 

#17 Employ A Meta-Narrative Structure

#18 Introduce General Theories & Anomalies

#19: Stimulate A Sense Of Agency

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