Wonder-Full Teaching: 3 Sources of Inspiration

2 Websites & An Article

1. BBC IWonder

Imaginative educators know that engaging the sense of mystery tool of imagination in learning requires us to point to real-world questions and mysteries.  Rather than present what we teach as tidily packaged and fully understood, we want to evoke unanswered questions. We also want to show topics in a unique light–like a spotlight suddenly shines on something, illuminating its uniqueness.  This is the sense of wonder tool of imagination. The BBC IWonder website reveals the mystery and wonder of many varied topics:  bbc.co.uk/iwonder

To learn more about sense of mystery, sense of wonder and other tools that centralize imagination and emotional engagement in teaching, follow the Tips For Imaginative Educators: Tools of Imagination Series and learn more about Imaginative Education.

2. Wired Magazine

Another wonderful resource is Wired Magazine. You will find many examples of the extremes and limits of reality tool of imagination here.  It even has an “Absurd creature of the week” section–hello!–and is totally chock full of tools of the romantic imagination. (Thanks to imaginative educator Nathan Moes for sharing this resource with us.)

animal game

3. Our Body’s Learning

Last but not least, an article by Dr. Vanessa LoBue that reminds us about the early and ongoing role of the body in all learning.  The original meaning of “FaceTime”!

“Face time: here’s how infants learn from facial expressions”  



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