2 thoughts on “One Theme For The Entire Year?

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful thinking. I have used the EQ, How does the lack of power lead to the violation of human rights? as part of my Social Studies 9 class. I love big questions that span the entire semester and it is always amazing what pops up in current events. More recently, I used What causes social, political, and economic change? On my website, I have some other discussions of EQs I have used in English Language Arts and other humanities courses (https://messyprofessional.wordpress.com) . I am going to share this to the BC Teachers of English Language Arts FB page. Enjoy your summer!

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I’ve added your EQ to my list of big questions for the year – it certainly encapsulates the big ideas we discuss. Another idea I have as a begin a new year is to start with a discussion of what it means to be fully competent as a critical thinker, using Critical Thinking Competency Profile #6 as a discussion starter: (https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/sites/curriculum.gov.bc.ca/files/pdf/CriticalThinkingCompetencyProfiles.pdf) – and then have students self-assess growth in that area periodically throughout the year, using evidence from their work in this class.

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