All The Walks!


walking curriculum #imaginEDwalking curriculum #imaginEDWalking Curriculum #imaginED


Set #1 (Includes: Shapes Walk, Surfaces Walk, Motion Walk, Texture Walk, Where Is Here? Walk)

Set #2 (Includes: Line Walk, Weathered Walk, History Walk, Synesthesia Walk, Lettering Walk)

Set #3 (Includes:  Borders Walk, Vertical World Walk, Tracks, Prints & Marks Walk, Riddle Walk, Searching For Aliens Walk)A Walking Curriculum #imaginED

Set #4 (Includes:  What’s Underfoot Walk?  What’s Overhead Walk? Growth Walk, Lovely/Unlovely Walk, The Walk(ing) Walk)

Set #5 (Includes: Found Objects Walk, Wet World/Dry World Walk, Umbrella Walk, Colour Walk, Arthropod Detective Walk)

Set #6 (Includes:  The Animate Walk, Rockin’ Walk, Feeling Rooted Walk, Hiding Places Walk, Critters, Rodents & Raccoons Walk) A Walking Curriculum 5 #imaginED

Set #7  (Includes:  People Walk, Neighbour Walk, Walking Around vs. Walking Into Walk, Become a Flock Walk, Corridors Walk)

Set #8 (Includes: Centers Walk, Corners Walk, Nature [By Design] Walk, Hearing Beyond The Names Walk)

Set #9 (Includes:  Welcome Walk, Pattern Walk, Birds’ Eye View Walk)

Colouring Pages: “Search & Find”

Walking Curriculum #imaginED

Walking CUrric (9) #imaginED

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